About us

About M&R Darts

M&R Darts was founded by Mitch and Megan Moser (Grimes, IA), and Heidi and Brady Raines (Spirit Lake, IA) in 2013.  We were all dart players at different levels and found it difficult to get quality supplies in a timely manner. We decided we wanted to start a dart supply company that catered to every player regardless of skill level or how often they played.  Our primary objective isn’t, and never has been to make money, but to grow the game and assist the players in making certain they had what was best for them, in regards to dart supplies.  We take the time to help each and every individual grow their game in whatever capacity they are looking for.  We have become a support group for a lot of players and have assisted a number of them in taking the next step in their game by providing them great products and helping them build confidence.  Here we are 4 years later, with two new owners, Dusty Wikert (Ringsted, IA) and Lee Krueger (Iowa City, IA), who bring extensive business experience and are thought of with high regards in their respective communities.

We have grown by leaps and bounds in the last several years and currently sponsor some of the best dart throwers in the country.  What makes us different than anyone else is that we also sponsor a huge number of local players, who larger companies wouldn’t consider. We don’t base our sponsored players on statistics or wins, but more importantly, how they represent themselves, our company, and what they do to grow the game of darts.   We truly love this game, and we want to see it not only grow, but flourish.

Our experience level with dart supplies is unmatched in the Midwest.  We are always on top of the latest and greatest products and what each company has to offer.  We have distribution channels throughout the United States and have put agreements in place with numerous vendors, both on the mainland and overseas, in order to provide the players with the products that they desire.

Some of our greatest accomplishments hold no monetary value.  In 2016 at Junior Nationals in Minneapolis, we sponsored over 50 youth players from South Dakota, Minnesota, Indiana, Kentucky, and Nebraska, and did it again in 2017 in Omaha.  There is nothing more rewarding than seeing the excitement on a kids face when you present them with official patches, jerseys, and supplies, and watch them throw better darts than we do.  We have also raised over $35,000 in the last few years through benefits, for causes such as Relay for Life, The Lupus Foundation, Juvenile Diabetes Association, Darts for Kids, and several local dart family members who have found themselves in financial need due to various health issues.  We take a great deal of pride in putting other people first.

We have the passion and experience to exceed any expectations that you may have and pride ourselves in creating positive experiences for every dart player that comes our way!